A rendering of the home page of the Kinnikinnick website


Kinnikinnick is an Edmonton-based company committed to those with Celiac disease and other restricted diets by proving them with gluten-free baking since 1991. All of their products are also free from dairy, nuts, peanuts and soy.

Web Design

One of the main goals of the new website (besides making people hungry!) was to utilize their unique, gluten-free recipes to drive more product sales online. In addition to that, the real focus of the website had to be on the lifestyle of someone with celiac disease, and how their life would be changed with Kinnikinnick’s products.

“Freedom, health, safety, trust” were all words that guided this design. Pages were designed as landing pages to really emphasize the story and value that Kinnickinnick was bringing to their customers. Large images of people were used to bring vibrancy and to further reinforce the idea of freedom and joy.

The metaphor for the butterfly was formed from their commitment to be “free-from”. Free from for celiacs means you’re free to eat the foods you love, with people you love, free from risk and worry. The butterfly was a perfect symbol of this promise to their customers as it represents joy and transformation.

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