An Integral Physiotherapy informational brochure

Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic

Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic is located in downtown Edmonton. They are a locally-owned clinic focused on crossfit athletes, weekend warriors, and “deskbound” individuals.

UI Design
Promotional cards for a discounted rate on services

As their in-house designer, I am responsible for creating various forms of print and web material including business cards, postcards, large scale banners, advertisements, decals, and social media posts.

A tri-fold brochure on vestibular dizziness rehabilitation

All of the branding material had to reflect who they are. Their mantra is “authenticity”. They wanted to showcase that physiotherapists do not always have to be so serious. They create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and fun. Their knowledgeable team and exciting atmosphere is what sets them apart from their competition.